Monday, 13 July 2015

The Glory of Femininity

The growing decay of feminism has surely taken its toll
Like a path of desecration in a boulder's downward roll
It doesn't mean the same things as it once did
Has come to represent one's own selfish bid
True feminism is glory to God

The glory of femininity
Gave her life to prayer, virginity
Heard the word of God, obeyed in humility
To Your servant, O Lord, let it be
The glory of femininity
Passed to her Son our humanity
He took it and healed it on the tree
Broke the gates of hell, set Adam, Eve free
By His Resurrection!

The movement now become a fad to trample down man
Gone from its noble roots, now been built upon sand
Elevated woman to godhood of her own fleshly rite
Instead of waiting with a lamp lit for the Bridegroom in the night
True feminism is glory to God

God made them in His image,
Both male and female
Gentile and Jew, Levite and not
Not as antagonists, but as compliments
Feminism, it means to be humble
Feminism, it means inward beauty
Feminism, it means dying to one's self
Feminism, is giving obedience where it is due
Respecting, glorifying, lifting high, proclaiming, living
The Truth of humanity

Sunday, 12 July 2015

My Son Is Home

I asked of You vile thing of greed
I took and left with grievous speed
Though, love of Yours, it planted seed
For You, convinced I had no need

I run, I run away
But, gone, I cannot stay
You chase, You chase me down
And turn me back around
In my heart, my heart it gnaws
Your love, Your love it draws
To my home, my home You bring
You run with joy, with joy You sing
My son is home
My son is home
Prodigal no more
My son is home

I sat afar in great despair
For gone was all, hungry, bare
My food, with pigs, was all to share
With shame, I knew that You would care

I bend my neck
I bow my head
I lay me down
No words are said
As a servant I approach
Yet You give me feast
As a slave I give my life
You kiss and embrace me
The prodigal son
Your prodigal son
You give a ring
With joy You sing

My son is home
My son is home
Prodigal no more
My son is home

Send The Rain

Hear the birds call
"It approaches! Fix your eyes!"
Feel the air move
A dance, a flow
In, the clouds sweep
Nearer, nearer,
Sweeter, clearer
Nearer, nearer

Send the rain, sweet relief
Let it come, wash all grief
Come, O rain, to feed below
Dry and weary, give thine to grow
O life abundant
Drink of life
Come, rain, come

Smell it, taste it,
slowly, slowly
A new sound breathes,
tip, tap, clip, clap
Like tears of healing
Nearer, nearer,
Sweeter, clearer
Nearer, nearer

Get it out, let it go
Bring the clash of lightning's show
Burst the heat, bleed the sky
Bring solace to the heart, now nigh
Treasured tears, cherished fountain
Pouring down this dreary mountain
Rain of beauty, rain of grace
Pour out thy life upon my face
Come, rain, come

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Blood of Martyrs; The Seed Of The Church

I have cried to Thee, O Lord hear my prayer
In anguish I pray for my brothers and sisters in a land far off
Mothers in agony for their babes, as Rachel weeps once more
Father's lives snuffed out like lamps in the night on a tyrant God's altar
As the Babylonians slew Thy children
So the Gentiles now endure the sword
As the Egyptians once enslaved Thy children,
So Thy people now carry heavy yokes
As Abel's blood cried out to Thee
So now the martyrs too will call
As the Israelite youths in the furnace O Lord
By Thy hand guide Thy children through the fire
Precious lives, little icons of Christ
Thrown to the floor as trash
Like the iconoclasts of old
Seeking to destroy the holy, sacred gems
Hearts and lips hold dear Thy name
O Lover of mankind
To death they run with open arms
Seeking Thy pure embrace
O Martyrs, thy blood is the gate of life!
O Martyrs, thy blood is the crown of victory!
O Martyrs, thy blood is the glory of the nations!
O Martyrs, thy blood is the seed of the Church!
O ye, little Christs, receive ye thy reward
Thou good and faithful servants;
Stewards of life eternal
For 40 days we fasted
For 40 days we feast
40 days of ringing true
God's glorious resurrection!
40 days or more of blood
Eternity of just reward
Through blood, life was given
Through blood, a sacrifice made
Through blood is life eternal
Through blood we share this cup
The cup of salvation
Let us sing once more the joyous hymn of praise;
That which we sing for 40 days.
That Paschal anthem which culminates the
Climactic meaning beheld in this life
And in the destruction of death's hold!
Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death
And upon those in the tombs, bestowing life!
Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death
And upon those in the tombs, bestowing life!
Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death
And upon those in the tombs, bestowing life!
O Death, where is your sting?
O Hell, where is your victory?
Christ is risen and you are overthrown!
Christ is risen and the demons are fallen!
Christ is risen and the angels rejoice!
Christ is risen and life reigns!
Christ is risen and not one dead remains in a tomb!
For Christ being raised from the dead has become the First-fruits
of them that slept
To Him be glory and might unto ages of ages. Amen.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

The Uncreated Light

Light of the world You offered Yourself
You who suspended the earth upon the deep
Were humbly hung on the wood with mockery
Death, you accepted One as dead
But were engulfed by Life instead
Him, Whom you could not keep

Hades swallowed a man, but encountered God
And it could not, could not comprehend it
Darkness bathed itself in unrelenting light
And it could not, could not fathom it
Blindsided by its pride while the spear was in Your side
And it could not, could not contain You
No it could not, could not restrain You
Jesus, The Uncreated Light

Sun of righteousness, shattered the darkness
You clothe Yourself with light as with a garment
With radiance, You array the depths where You went
No one, not even Death, can look away
The Dark has fled, the Light is here to stay
Its reign is surely spent  

Your blood, shed for me
You cheated Death with glee
Returned with victory
My salvation
Life to the dead, You bring
Let all of creation sing
Hosanna to the King
My redemption
Chased the shadow's lies
Brought the dark's demise
And called the dead to rise
Love of mankind
Who was, and is,
And ever shall be, shine on me
Jesus, The Uncreated Light

We Magnify Thee O Theotokos

It is truly meet, it is truly meet
To bless you, to bless you
O Theotokos

 More honourable than the Cherubim,
More glorious than the Seraphim
Without corruption thou bearest God the Word
True Theotokos, thee we magnify! 

 Most pure Virgin, most pure Virgin
O radiant, O radiant
Mother of our God

Intercede for us, intercede for us
With boldness, with boldness
Before thy Son and God

Willing servant, willing servant
Were lifted up from low estate
Oh Lady and Queen 

True Theotokos thee we magnify!

How May I Hymn Thee?

What shall I sing to Thee
That is worthy from my lips?
What song exists that is fitting
For You to hear?
How may I join, in Heaven’s praise?
To call on Thee, our hearts to raise?
We lay aside all earthy care
And lift our voices to the air

With anthems from on high
Our Hallowed God be nigh
Sing of the glory due to He
Come, partake of eternity
For standing long, the sweat on ‘brow
I give to Thee, my head to bow
Highest honour given now
Holy, holy, holy Lord art Thou

Who can name Thine eternal,
Endless bounds, oh God of gods?
Words cannot describe the great wonder
Of Thy true name
We magnify, Thy cross oh Lord
Such thought of life, breaking the sword
We lay aside all earthly care
And lift our voices to the air


What thought can I comprehend
Which understands Thy deep essence?
How may I ascend into the heavenly
Realm in prayer?
Those chants here offered soft and bold
The sweet, the ancient Psalms of old
We lay aside all earthly care
And lift our voices to the air

(Chorus 1 ½)

Holy, holy, holy Lord art Thou!